Angelica – E.I. Holo (she/her)
Though not humorless, Compass Station’s Administrator takes her work very seriously.

Biff Ian Simms – Simian (he/him)
Biff is thoughtful and intelligent. He’s best friends with Buff, which really makes that first sentence seem less truthful.

Buff Ook Amonkey – Simian (he/him)
Buff prefers to act without thinking too much, which he calls “trusting your instincts” and everyone else calls “oh no here comes that monkey again”.

Jenny Everywhere – Human (she/her)
The owner of La Toasterria! is easily identified by her scarf and goggles. She loves life, adventure, and of course chaos… I mean toast.

Millicent “Millie” Harold Coriander – E.I. Robo (they/them)
Second-in-charge of Compass Station security. Has an old-fashioned love of paper files and forensics.

Shuttle – E.I. (he/him?)
Originally just a common cube-shaped shuttle, now a recently-born E.I. with… issues.

Valerie “Val” Kyrie – Simian (she/her)
She is in charge of Compass Station security, and highly trained in the psychology of humans, simians, and E.I.

Vane Zillion – Human (he/him)
A rocket-headed space-tug pilot, he spends his spare time modifying his ship and crafting fine meals for one in the galley.